Òlàjú Art Group featured in the San Antonio Express News

The work of Òlàjú Art Group is very much like the work of Progrés Studios. That's the feeling you get when you see any two companies trailblazing a way to the future.

In fact, they have both prominently featured Nigerian artists. Progrés Studios having featured Moyo Okediji this last November, and Òlàjú Art Group's recent work including their 2016 work with Tunde Odunlade.

We're happy to announce that the latest event from Òlàjú Art Group was featured by the San Antonio Express. The San Antonio Express is a Hearst Media product with great distribution. This will undoubtedly fuel the growth of the art collective under the dutiful execution of creator Obafemi Ogunleye.

Watch this video featuring more about Progrés Studios.


Creator Awards 2019 are going to bigger than ever.

For this year's creator awards, we're ready to put you in the room with awesome people. This year is going to big because it has the help of The Firestarters event, with Janie Terrazas, Kinyo, and Jeneea Moore.

Nominations and other announcements coming soon: (Check Back and Refresh Page Daily)

Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/firestarters-litt-tickets-54451560082?aff=ebdshpsearchautocomplete

email: kinyo@projectforward.tv

Part One of Aminah Decé, A Story of Progress Launches Exclusively to Project Forward Subscribers

Part 1 of the documentary is out and it's a minimalistic cut of different moments featuring the poet and found of Progrés Studios, Aminah Decé. It is currently only available on the Project Forward streaming site where subscribers can also comment.

It is fascinating to see how artists for their ideas, especially an artist as specific as Decé.


Janie Terrazas and Sunnny Salutations Added to Lifestyle Vendors on REST

REST has expanded it's functionality to a site that recommends workshops that can lead to healthier lifestyles for their community. Creators and anybody attempting to take control of their lifestyle have to be active about charging their creativity.

Project Forward Subscribers may also receive discounted or free class notifications in their emails.

Check Out the additions to Rest.ProjectForward.tv


Mr. Composition, Kinyo, Suave Dosto, and Abra at HWC 2018

This year's HWC has just released lineup art.

Free tickets: https://ticketbud.com/events/d6756d68-e80b-11e8-9cb9-47a5942e379d

Watch This Vlog Following Rapper Mr. Composition, The June Episode

      Dab Troll Creations, has released the June episode of "The Composition." The vlog webshow that is created by Mr. Composition with regular appearances and camera duty done by Kinyo. You can watch it on all of the Dab Troll Creation outlets.


Love at First Taste Drop is Just around the Corner

Danielle Victoria and her Mom Jeanne Johnson have put together a show that blends a "Cooking Show" with a "Dating Show". Love at First Taste is getting to drop on TAAN TV in the coming months. The first episode trailer is already out.

Earlier this season filming finished at the TAAN House. 

The Premise of the show is simple. One lucky "dater" has to select a potential sutor, the catch is the never get to meet. The "dater" has to pick who they want after tasting a dish prepared by both contestants.


OTT from Vimeo or the Alternative Unscreen, Project Forward Contemplates the Shift. From Kinyo.

Project Forward is considering moving to Unscreen, a video streaming platform that might be better suited to growth. Currently Project Forward uses ott.vimeo.com to power it's the streaming aspect of its platform. The service has shown a lot of promise, even before it's acquisition by vimeo.

With the growth of subscribers on the platform in mind, a platform that leaves more money in the hands of creators might be the right move.

The streaming aspect of Project Forward has struggle to grow, of course as the founder I am sure that if we continue a strategy of providing value to the community we are building a solid foundation for creating and acquiring the type of media that will enrich to lifestyles of the audience we are nurturing.

Project Forward also partners with companies like Bravo Pay (https://trybravo.com/) to provide member rewards.

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Aminah Dece continues to Build Progres Studios with annual Social Soulstice at the Moade Center

Art is a powerful language. In San Antonio "art" is a word that is whispered, and yet it also seems to be the chosen hoppy of a number of the cities citizens. to Aminah "art" is also a word that can change the lives it enters into, especially at a young age.

Social Soulstice is being held on November 17th, 2018.

Click here for more info: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/social-soulstice-tickets-51111939186


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