Lu Xinjian Uses Google Earth to Paint this Abstracted Bird's Eye View of Los Angeles, Art


'Seven Lions' Takes a Unique Look at Florence and the Machine's Music, Track Cosmic Love, Remixing it for Fans.

Seven Lions - Music Remixes

Fixed Gear Bikes Are Selling Like MacBooks, Is it the People Or is it the Bikes?

Fixed Gear bikes are a style of bike that prides itself on it's "biking purity". They are not all about tricks, and they aren't for Tour de France hopefuls, they are for the street, for taking you places. The trend is large frames, thin tires, and their namesake the fixed gear. "Fixed" as in one gear that connects the pedals to the back tire. Which leaves the rider pedaling perpetually as long as he/she is moving and the back tire is turning.

Fixies have been around for years. Popular with recreation cyclists, city kids, and bike messengers, for the control they give the rider during the commute. Many riders remove all breaks from the bikes because it is possible to stop by using your feet to stop the pedals. Though that's actually illegal in many U.S. Cities.

They're expensive, and limited to fair-quality-road use, so how did they become the headliner of their own popularity show. They somehow supply an experience which is definitive of new cultural aspects in young modern america.

Fixed Gear bikes are popular everywhere with paved and relatively flat roads. They are a stylish way to get around town, either solo or in a group. And they're a great status symbol of a new majority fighting for dominance, the hipster kid.

Hipsters are thought to be trend followers. Moving from niche to niche, exploiting any kind of shiny genius they can find and wearing like it like a platinum chain. Some are, some simply look for a certain level of polished convenience, common-sense, and efficiency in life. A categorization that can be used for Mac users, or Dr. Dre Beats Users, or Tom's Sneakers Wearers, and even Vegans.

Brands like trends have the power to streamline the dialogue between human and enviroment. Some fixies are quality bikes, but they're becoming popular because we think they're efficient, smooth, without embellishment, direct, all the things we love, all the things we find sexy. Could biking being trendy ever be a bad thing anyway?


British Rapper Plan B's Explosive Video is exciting Hip Hopers to Socialists With the Loudly Livid Lyrics From His New Single.

Amoeba Music is the Last Great Mecca For Los Angeles Music Lovers

6400 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

Nas Drops a New Song on His SoundCloud That Fuses House with Hip Hop. It's Killer.

Photography from, Complex, Cover Shoot

Contemporary Artist Tan Mavitan Adds a Triangle Notebook to His Already Stunning Portfolio, Maybe Design Can Cure Writers Block.

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Where Does Tumblr Fit in the Discussion of the Modern Everything. The Halfway Point Between Blogging and Social Media.

If you don't know what Tumblr is then well I'm sorry, but I can't tell you. You see, we tumblrers have a Fight Club like mentality about our membership. Or at least that's what we thought. Though I'm pretty sure having over 6 million members and getting mentioned on The Office kind of kicks you out of the closet.

To the right of Tumblr we have sites like Twitter, and Facebook. To the left are Blogger and Wordpress. We all knew that that blogs were just social media in suits but with tumblr it's getting harder to make that distinction. 

You've probably been to a tumblr site, probably many if you are an avid internet user, and I think the internet confused are dying off, literally and not so literally. From the outside a tumblr blog appears to be just that, a blog. They are under a url, and you can scroll down and look at pictures, music, video, text, whatever the blog lord decides to post. (example

The inside, however, is a different story. Your dashboard is full of the posts of other people you follow, as well as notifications of interactions, messages, new followers, and the like. So while the outside of tumblr is a blog the inside is purely social media.

This also creates a dichotomy among your viewership. A blog may have many visitors to their external site, people who come for the posts. Conversely they may have a large number of tumblr followers. Tumblr followers are a new breed of internet fan, quite like twitter followers they thrive on interaction. They love to reblog, ask questions, and reply to posts. It's tough to see the line between friends and fans. 

There are numerous tumblr-famous entities that supply their fan-friend-follower hybrids with a sort of connection they'd never get from a celebrity. It's a great site for the attention craving youth of today, because like Facebook, it let's us all feel a little famous.

Tumblr reflects the reality of any blog. Social media is really just networking-lite, streamlined by use of the internet. Every blog has a complicated web of social interactions going on under the surface, tumblr has merely constructed and interface and gathered a community of individuals under a single banner, all their to talk and blog together. 

What is sometimes lost in the hustle and bustle is the importance of real living. The content of a blog comes from real life. Bloggers are meant to network with or become active personalities and display their talent. Not merely reblog from another blogger. 

Though let's not be old farts about this. It's the sign of a revolution. It's a baby renaissance. Every individual is realizing their desire to be an active personality, and their desire to share their interests with whoever's interested. Now we're just looking for a balance between self-improvement/exploration and a mentality of seeking notoriety and fame. Tumblr is the next step in this toddler revival. This adolescent revolution. This infant enlightenment. This terrible two's of progressive movement. That's enough with the baby analogies.


Efim Graboy, Daria Turetski and Artyom Skripnik Produce MiniLook, the Sparkling Capture of a Day in Kieve, Filmed in Miniature. The New Trio Calls Themselves Three Shot.


Rolling Cowboys Bicycle Shop, Local Bike Shop Dedicated to Making LA a Bikers City

3505 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA (323) 570-0066
Rolling Cowboys Bicycle Shop Blog
Fixies - Touring - Los Angeles, Bicycle

Shanren is a Double Edged Sword, Bringing Indie Rock Stylings to Chinese Fans and Traditional Chinese Folk to American Fans


"Body Paint" a New Media Art Installation at the Fortune Cookie Summer Party 2009 by Memo Akten


Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, and, Giving New Definition to Main"Stream" Media

Channel surfing is old school. Why can't the channels surf for you. That's the idea behind Pandora and Netlfix and Hulu are also heading in that direction. But for now they've already made getting your daily dose of big production video candy easier than ever. 

Who would have known we would be here. When the term "mainstream" media was coined. Who knew all the popular media of today would actually be streaming onto our technological devices. Most popular media is continuously being distributed instantly all over the world, from just a few sources and websites.

We all drink from the stream these days. That sounds a little cultish, but's it's not that deep. Media companies, like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, and have made getting music, and videos as easy as thinking about it. We discriminate between good and bad now, by what's easily available, not where it's coming from. Well almost.

It's true that all the big budget content is easy to find, but that's just divided everything up into two categories. The "Mainstream" and the sublets. Now that nearly all the big stuff is in one literal and symbolic "stream" finding other sources is a more personal activity.

It's the motto of the hipster, look for what nobody's looking at. Except now that we're all a little more mature it's more than that. The mainstream can't satisfy all the cravings we have for entertainment. So now when we go away from the mainstream we're looking for the flavor's that we don't normally taste, but still have a penchant for.

It's hard to guess where we'll be in the future, as distributing and creating content get's easier and easier. Likely the mainstream will always be there, but people will also have several other streams. Social streams made up media from their friends (This one already exists, informally on content sharing sites like,,, etc.). Cultural streams that attach consumers to their core identities. Ideologic, educational, religious streams and so on and and so on.


Forms, A Study of Human Motion, Space and Time. Conceptual Artists Memo Akten and Quayola Update the Studies of Cubism and Abstraction for a New Medium


Artist Sophie Bray's Oceanic Swell Displays Her Amazing Pencil Illustration


Burial + Four Tet - Nova, New Music from the Awesome British Indie Musician Kieran Hebden During 2012 Europe Tour - Four Tet's Music by Kieren Hebden

Future Magazines Might Still Have a Print Audience, but Online Magazines Have One Too.

There's something about holding a Rolling Stone Magazine in your hand. The weight is corporeal, and the glossy pages are luxurious. It's unlikely that people will give up their physical print publications any time soon. There's a misconception that the internet is here to compete against, and eventually take down real world media. As if one day soon we'll all be sitting in empty rooms with projections of furniture on the walls, shoveling virtual peas in our mouths. allows publishers to create magazines online that mimic the real world intuitiveness of magazines. It's playing host to a myriad of small time publications, from all around the world. A reader now has access to art, music, design, articles, and photography magazines from independents all over the world.

The internet isn't THE new market, it's A new market. One that will exist side by side with the offline market. People don't want to do away with movie, theaters, CDs, or even books and magazines. Not entirely anyway. Industries are going to have to learn to play to the strength of the format. The internet offers ease, variety, spontaneity. While books, and CDs offer novelty, collectability, experience, and an involvement in artistry.

No one is going to buy a magazine anymore just to read the news, or a CD just so they can put the music on their iPhone. They'll do it for other reasons, namely because they want the art in their hands. They want the artifact of a production that deserves a physical manifestation. Real world media just got upgraded, and it's going to experience some growing pains as it adapts to it's new role.

40 year old Cirrus Gallery Exhibits Artists and Prints Books to Serve as Catalyst to New Media and Haven to LA Artists


High Aesthetic Gone Nerdy, Will Pigg's Ninja Turtles Proves Every Market Has Room For Excellence



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