June 1 & 2, Regent Theatre in Los Angeles Set To Fill Up With Audience Of Trolls Again For Another Showing of The Room by Director/Writer Tommy Wiseau. Where the Audience is Encouraged to Heckle, Joke, and Play Football!? During the Movie.

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Stefan Ringelschwandtner's Unofficial Music Video of Radiohead's 'Nude' Off of Their In Rainbows Album. Distilling the Immutability of Their Perfection.


Designer Harc Lee From Design Group Ryan Harc Creates a Proposal For a Colorless Recyclable Coca Cola, That Saves On Energy and Pollution. It Looks Cooler Too.


Arnuad Bernard AKA Onra Brings Back the 80s Boogie. Reminding His Fans and Newcomers That We All Just Wanna Get Down. This is L.O.V.E


How to be Like Kanye West, in Your Field/Industry; but Maybe a Little Nicer.

It seems like many who becomes an icon for genius success in their industry also becomes a self involved jerk. Not just Kanye West.

We could go down the lists of other big headed geniuses, but this article is about how to be like Kanye. He has a particular skill for innovation, collaboration, style, attention grabbing, and boldly being himself regardless of all else.

The most important thing about being a success has always been hard work. Learning how to give a task your all despite the other pressures in your life builds your character. Everybody has obstacles in life. Kanye had to deal with the death of his mother and his own devastating car crash. If you can muster the energy to work when everything seems to be falling apart you will strengthen your personality and your personal voice.

Which leads to step two, the last step. That's right there are only two steps to being as successful and individualistic as Kanye West. Step Two: Stop caring what other people tell you.

If you ever want to do anything big, you are going to have to learn how to shut off the voices around you. Not everyone who gives you advice is there to help you. Some people just like talking. Bill Cosby puts it like this, "I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody". If you put your energy into trying to be what others want, you'll never have time to really be anything.

If you stopped reading at that last paragraph you are likely to become an even more tyrannical egomaniac than Kanye himself. YOU SHOULD NOT IGNORE THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU. There is going to be a little truth in every bit of criticism. Learn how use every comment, piece of advice, and even every insult as a personal metaphor for being more like who YOU want to be.

If you go around trying to be an asshole, you'll end up being an asshole, not a genius. Unfortunately if you work really hard and focus on being the best you you can be, even if you end up getting to genius level, some people will still think you're an asshole. Look at our President, Barrack Obama. His entire life has been composed of taking steps to improve himself, and now about half of the most powerful country in the world hates him. It's just the way it goes.

Now the part on being nice. Fame and notoriety isn't everything. Did you get that. Fame and notoriety isn't everything. Be good at what you do, and more importantly be good to those around you. Then you'll feel success. "If you work really hard and are kind, amazing things will happen." - Conan O Brien

Art by Borbay


Director Jérôme de Gerlache Captures Jeremy Winterbert's Biggest Glass Blowing Project. Not Just a Battle With Cancer.


Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar Crosses Two Hemispheres To Bring L.A. A Deeply Rich Pizza Recipe From Australia


A Reddit User, Takes an Analog Look at Google's Virtual Recreation Of The Famous Moog Electronic Synthesizer. I Think That's Like Three Levels of Awesome.

Creddit to SocialChameleon on Reddit

DJs Mathew Dekay and Lee Burridge Have Teamed Up Yet Again After Starting Their Own Music Label To Make This Heavy Ambient Soundscape


Entrepreneurship is the Backbone of Successful Industry. So Who Killed All the Entrepreneurs and How can we Bring them Back?

The nine to five job has killed most potential entrepreneurs. We need to bring them back to life. Entrepreneurs can solve all of the energy, social economic, and market problems we have today. They are the "Grand Engineers", they are the "Pragmatic Futurists".

The dream isn't dead. There are still great thinkers out there. What IS dying is our interest in them along with our respect for the rigors of a hard days work. It's like our fathers tried to tell us, "hard work builds character" and there's no benefit in "getting something for nothing".

America became wealthy because it was a land of unspoiled resources. As far as the eye could look, and much farther, there was land that was relatively untouched. It didn't invent entrepreneurship, it just made it easy. It's always been a progressive culture, and that has continuously inspired generations to be free thinkers, and creative problem solvers. So what went wrong?

The people are drained and uninspired. Looking for the next big thing to pick them up. Dreaming of a revolution that won't come unless they bring it pass; or start believing in something bigger than the prospect of their own failure.

A society of open minded and industrious citizens needs only to maintain a momentum of innovation. It isn't that we ran out of resources, but rather that we forgot how to take stock of our resources. The common American has become lazy by reason of ignorance. Many don't know how to work unless they have a job. If there isn't a company to hire them they assume the alternative is to stay home being idle.

Every country reaches a point where the use of resources appear have been maximized to a certain extent. If they're lucky new technology / discoveries can help us conceptualize new markets, keeping the spirit of expansion ignited, i.e. industrial boom, the internet, computers, new energy, etc.

The world is still a place of unspoiled resources, the greatest of which is it's people, their connection, and their willingness to do whatever is necessary to make this world a better, cooler place to live. We simply need to encourage each other to look with new and eager eyes.

Photography/Art by Fanny Allie


Director Alex Emslie Makes a Low Tech Japanese Battle Film About a Boss and Heroine Employee


Every Thursday in Los Angeles Yamashiro Farmers Market + L.A. City Makes it Easy to Get Great Food, Enjoy City Life and Support Sustainable Living.

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French Surrealist Philippe Ramette's Photography Has Recently Grown In Popularity as People Have Flocked to His Reality Shattering Images


Silversun Pickups Album Neck of the Woods Doesn't Lack Any of the Passion of What Made Fans Love Them in The First Place. Bloody Mary.


5 Great Ways To Share Your Photography (That Won't Make You Any Money)

So you want to be a photographer. I don't think I need to tell you that that's kind of cliche.

If you really want to go ahead with it though I'm sure you've already confronted that dilemma. The first thing you should do is go take some photography classes. Or, maybe you just want it as a hobby. Still go take class.

School is NOT necessary, but it's a sure fire way to overcome insecurities and develop an artistic voice that doesn't suck. Unless you've got that spitfire artistic angst already built up in you and you do things like capture an intriguing album of artsy photos with a kodak disposable camera modified with pieces of colored translucent plastic or something similarly minimalisticly or otherwise brilliant.

Anyway one way or another  if you've got photos worth sharing, here's where to go with them.

1. Tumblr: Despite the wide range of content on tumblr, it is still best equipped for sharing simple photography. Start a blog. Follow people. Talk to people who take pictures like your pictures. Soon people will be following you. Reblogging your pictures and telling you how much they like your pictures. The feedback isn't helpful constructive criticisms, but a virtual pats on the back that'll make you work harder on your craft, and validate your work immediately.

Example: www.ChildrenoftheGoldenState.com

2. Flickr: This is a great site for setting up your virtual portfolio. If you use this site, don't use it like Facebook. Nobody cares about pictures of you, because you obviously didn't take them. And they don't want to see you and your boyfriend, you and your friends partying or at the beach. Focus on structuring a well organized portfolio. Put your work into sets, create galleries. Your contacts should be photographers you want to network in. Join small to medium sized groups, and get in discussions about photography.

3. Blog: I know I said you wouldn't make any money from these sites, and you won't, but with blogger you might. Creating a blog to share your work on is no easy task, but if you do it right it can be your first baby step into the world of publishing. I can't give you a tutorial on how to be a blogger here, but if you have the time, it can be a rewarding endeavor.

4. Instagram: More and more Instagram users are using the site to share their professional photography, and its a good bloody idea. I follow a few photographers and I really enjoy seeing their well manicured work popping up between pictures of my friends dog watching tv or whatever. 

5. Deviant Art: Deviant Art is the best community for upcoming artists and photographers looking to get constructive feedback from people in the same position they're in. DeviantArt.com also makes it possible for you to sell your work, but don't focus on that. GET FEEDBACK & GIVE FEEDBACK

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Imagine Wild Mushroom Sauce, Pastrami, Kobe Beef, Habenero Cheese; Paired With a Pinot Noir or Whatever Your Favorite Wine Is. That's Your Afternoon at Eden Burger Bar.


He Goes by the Name Logic, Young Sinatra. There's No Black Rappers and White Rappers Anymore. His Flows Are Sick. He's Not Really Stylish. He's Just a Skinny Urban Kid. That's Perfect.


Kieren Hebden AKA Four Tet Releases Jupiters, One of the Benefits of Being a Focused Solo Musician is Making and Sharing Music However and Whenever He Wants


Cinemagram Will Make You Wonder Why a Company With all the Design and Developmental Resources of Facebook Bought Instagram for $ 1 Billion

Cinemagram is a new app for the iPhone that allows you to make cool gifs in less than a minute.

It's like Instagram meets Harry Potter. That reference was for my childhood, but the app really is magical. Record a video, paint over the area you want to move, stylize, and boom you just gif-ed something awesome.

When designers like Factyle Inc. are making great apps like this all the time it makes you wonder why Facebook would pay $ 1 billion dollars for such a simple idea like Instagram.

American big business has quite simply become too fat, happy, lazy and stupid. The biggest business are led without respect for the value of money, innovation, or the human beings that support it all. Innovation is almost an archaic concept in most big companies. Apple being the last of those companies to appear to be able stave off a geriatric lack of progress.

Somehow it's become all about the benjamins. The typical business model goes like this. There's usually one good idea that becomes worth millions to billions of dollars. After that companies attempts to use their bigness to create a monopoly in their niche of their industry. That means buy, buy, buy, and exploit the new generation of workers and suck them dry of their good ideas.

Facebook paying 1 billion dollars for Instagram's fast growing social pic app, highlights an error in the equation. Wouldn't it have been easier for them to simply develop their own Facebook branded pic app. Call it InstaLens, add a few cool editing features, let other social apps in and in a month they could have swept Instagram under the rug for good. But they're dumb, and they'll keep shelling out $1 billion dollar paychecks to every app designer with a brain.

Cinemagram is available for free in the App market. If you haven't already you'll soon see your friends Tweeting, Tumbling and Facebooking their Cinemagram gifs with a reckless abandon that's bound to make it a hit.


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