Semiologist Kills It Lyon, France With Grooves That Suffuse Jazz Into Hip Hop For The Modern Mind

There are plenty of reasons to enjoy the tunes from semiologist. He released a handful of short beats in early 2013 that are like latte's on summer evenings. The small snippets and rhythms are almost like poetry, and with long mysterious titles like 'Sumthin' Happened Into the Jazz Section' it's easy to settle into his music the same way you would art in a gallery. His fans are enjoying him, and lyricists are eager to work with him. France's Semiologist.


Spunky Filmaker Molly Schiot Gives New Meaning to Putting Soul in Food, Bready Teenage Girls Have Never Been So Likeable

Schiot is a Los Angeles Filmmaker; it's easy to see in her bright flair. She's pomp, dgaf, awesome, and not paying to much attention to herself or any of it.

The Video "Mikayla and Melissa" was made with an interview of two teenage girls, talking about the existential coping processes of teenage girls. It's one of 5 Interviews in collaborative effort called Music for Sleeping Children.

Project Founders visual artists Charlie White and musician Boom Blip (AKA Brian Hollon) wanted to uniquely portray adolescences. Molly Schiot's playful talking food personifications lend themselves to that very well.

Should Businesses Grow a Heart, Olivia Khalili is the Doctor Oz Trying to Save the Capitalistic Tin Man

Olivia Khalili
Olivia Khalili is trying to erase the line between non-profits and for-profits, because she believes that neither is fully functional without the other. That is a proposition that has a scary feeling to it. We've all seen companies go green, or donate money just to bump up profits, and it has irksome malaise to it. Khalili is sure though, that a company with a solid cause will have more direction.

Khalili's blog Cause Capitalism is pushing forward with the a mission to make capitalism conscious. An idea that at the very least should be considered as part of all modern business school curriculums. I don't doubt that having a cause will get some feel good vibes flowing through the office, but at the same time I'm not sure it is necessarily what is best for the product or service that's offered.

Bottom line a company that creates a good business will find that they are naturally creating jobs as well as pushing society forward. Trying to inject business with a humanitarian soul is leaning dangerously towards making the whole system resemble more of a government than a company.
Photo from

That said I do believe that Khalili is correctly identifying a shift in a segment small businesses. Companies like Red Earth Trading Company are involved in exactly the kind of praxis she promotes. RETCo has made a mission to buy direct from african artisans.

 These types of start ups are creating a new sub genre of business. Call it conscious business or whatever you want it's definitely something new, and worth keeping an eye on.

Flying Lotus x Kinyo x Taylor McElroy, a Mashup of Sensuous Street Energy and Mystical Metaphor

The Spoken Word of Busola Laditan AKA Kinyo is much like his regular poetry. With every trip into his world he are at the mercy of whatever imagery (and this case that's assisted by the photo by San Francisco photographer Taylor McElroy) and emotions he has taken in to reflect. This poem is spoken over a track by the DJ and musician Flying Lotus. It is the kind of airy street lyricism that elevates urban sensibilities, and therefore anyone who knows what it's like to be pushing hard against a hard world.


Michael Jones, Californian Abstract Artist, Began Saying Dream Bigger, Then People Started Listening

Jones is currently working on a line somewhat ostentatiously numbered to 1,000,000 of works under the motto "Dream Bigger". His own story is one of dreaming big and reaching for the heights, and with his head turned up he's marching towards the sky one painting at a time.

Like any visionary his work, style, and relentless progress has a charisma that is attracting gawkers. They are buying and he is painting. He's taking it all in stride, proving that there will always be room for another hardworking artist.


Twitter Launches New App Vine Much To the Joy of Social Media Lovers Everywhere

Twitter has just launched a new social media app that allows it's users to post short video collages (montages) with a tap of the finger. Vine will work with twitter, the videos once activated play in loop. It's already being adopted by the most awesome brands out there including yours truly at

Now that vine is out, those who love to enjoy the latest apps are flocking to it. We thought we'd seen it all with Instagram, but Vine could easily be bigger and better. Though hopefully they'll rename it something less basic. We don't understand what a vine has to do with twitter, or how they plan to successfully make a brand from a word that already exists.

Right now the app is only available to iPhone users.

Check it out at


Advertisements Are Amazing Shorts, They Bring the Money to The Artist and Let Them Make the Magic

These days if you are a director who is in love with the art of film there isn't really a better medium than advertisements. Big brands are paying big bucks to directors to make snapshots that capture the soul of the consumers they are trying to reach. Some of these ads never even get seen, but they bolster the portfolio's of great directors all around the world.

It's not just advertisements it's music videos and short films too. While all three are great for seeing the art of film/video transform it's subject, shorts rarely bring the money to the table in the same way that the other two do. It makes you wonder why MTV couldn't find an audience for their music videos. Blockbuster movies can't compare to the gorgeous content in some new short films.

Take Emily Kai Bock for example. She's been able to make some of the most effervescent short films, music videos, and commercials out there. Her work reminds this writer of the movies of Sofia Coppola, except shorter, brighter, and younger. Her commercial for Coca Cola is without a question a huge service to a brand that has made an empire about being everything to everybody, while essentially just selling water, sugar and flavoring.


Israeli Photographer and Musician Eran Luf and Adi Cee, The Love That Israel Shares

Adi Cee, pictured here in a photograph by fellow Israeli photographer Eran Luf, is a singer songwriter  grinding it out without a label. The song she wrote 'My Heart Is Stone' talks about the callous state of a heart tired of love. Her voice falls broken and then comes back with strength, and at the end, all the listener can do is say 'I understand'.


The Secret of How Big Business Keeps Artists Alive and Paying Rent, A Casual Simplification

Photo by Fly Navy on flickr
We all love to hate large companies because they appear to be heartless stiffs fueled by coffee and the dreams of little children. It's part of our anti-authority complex. Where would we be without them, what great gifts would be bestowed upon a society free of the chains of corpratism (a word by the way that is not made up)?

What we don't understand about business is that it is the vital infrastructure for a nation that increasingly wants to define certain aspects of it's daily life with certain singular definitions. We all want what is new and the best. We all dream to have freedom, to be loved by many, to be able to connect to large groups of people. Our society is one where we have adopted the idea, whether we like it or not (or are conscious of it or not), that we believe that we are all part of one body.

Big business is like the organs and systems of our great big body (what is a body without organs and systems, well it's not a body). If you look closely you'll find that in one way or another these business make it possible for so many of us to have careers in arts that were never possible in previous generations. Let's go up the food chain.

If you start at the bottom, with a blog that is like this one. First you see that we promote indie artists and small companies. Indie artists from musicians to filmmakers and designers make their money feeding the outlets made possible by larger companies. Wether it's getting paid by sprint to make an art short advertisement, or playing small shows on boulevards, releasing art on a site that has an audience of millions of members looking to explore the varieties of music, art, or whatever.

Big business is not feeding on artists, rather it is growing like a our cardiovascular system, allowing channels of life blood to blossom wherever necessary. The flow of money serves one purpose, to flood to the ares of our interests as a community, national, and global entity.

However big business and business in general, like a body, depends on so much more than just the big flopping limbs and appendages. Even more vital than the process that keeps it alive, is life itself. The soul must appreciate the body, and the body the soul, and both must appreciate the mind and the mind both. In this case we can view corpratism as the body, our humanity as the soul, and science as the mind. We can love big business we just have to know how.


Adam Hashemi Directs a PSA In Which an Interrogation Takes a Wild Turn

This banned Public Service Announcement from Denmark is not what anyone would expect it to be, thanks to the ridiculous wit of the understated Adam Hashemi. It's just another 'Interrogation' until one of the flunkies makes an unthinkable mistake. What do you think about it?


The Edited Photography From Kyle Thompson Is a Window Into a Fantastical Alternate Dimension

Kyle Thompson ( is a 21 year old photographer who came to the attention of his fans in late 2012. He'd been taking photographs since 19. After dropping out of college he began focusing on his photography. While he is an indie sensation and having a lot of success, there is some debate in the fine photography world as to wether his caliber of "photo" is up to snuff. Regardless of his training, his photographs provide a necessary expression and are instilled with a specific beauty.

What sets really Kyle apart is the time he spends communicating with his fans. His tumblr ( is full of Q&A's with inquiring minds. Many are aspiring photographers, and Kyle's words are a rare connection to someone they admire.


Benign Kingdom Champions the Brand of Indie Comics Showcasing Brilliant Talent Year After Year

Benign Kingdom,,  is an Illustrator run and owned publishing company. Four times a year they pick four indie comic artists and publish books of the best work from their entire career. Once a year you can buy the whole book. The first four artists to be published are now the guys running the show, and they keep finding wonderful talent.

They've only been around since Spring of 2012, but since then they've managed bring a light into the industry. Comic artists like many producers of media have greatly benefitted from the advances in technology, specifically the internet. Web comics are just one way artists like founding member Yuko Ota (he and his creative partner work on have been finding success. 

Benign Kingdom now uses the crowd funding site as a platform (Their Project Page). They work on a system of presales to pre-fund the printing costs of each round of books. A method that works out as an advertising technique and a way to minimize the risk of over producing stock, it also saves the consumer money. Benign Kingdom sell pre buyers %34 of what they offer the books cost at retail.

The Spring 2013 collection is going on sale now. 

The range of the artists is a real draw for anyone wondering why they would care about indie comics. You see things in webcomics and from these illustrators that will re-enlived your appreciation for the expression of the medium.

Go! Save The Hostages Will Have You Thinking That You are The One Who Has Been Held Captive, Freed by Their New Sounds

Go! Save The Hostages is a Post Rock duo out of Egypt composed of the Amir Samman and Sherif Sami. As they put it, they like to contemplate as they break stuff. That is the feeling they give off too. They blend together the tracks that induce thought that isn't quite destructive, but definitely afraid to search for the meaning of life in a little bit of chaos. Without the trappings of major success they obviously feel very free to explore, a truth that is to the benefit of we, the listeners.


If the Renaissance Happened Right Now What Would It Like From Your Bedroom?

The arts are suffering right now. Everyone in the world wants to look at the big picture. We all want the next massive thing, and to be famous. Education systems have completely ceased teaching anything relevant, except for math and science, and even those subjects are out of date by the time kids get home in the evening. This is just a general look at what is wrong and keeps us all from being our awesome selves.

Why are humans so dumb today you ask? Well for starters they're not, but they seem dumb because they're letting their lives go to the highest bidder. Life is not a collective pursuit, it's a striving for individual purpose, it is (dare I say) an 'Indepednent' endeavor. Each day the human has the chance to yet again hone his skill. Now you may see some contradiction between the idea of individual pursuit and a collective "Renaissance".

It's true that we all need to be independent people, but if we want to strive for maximum efficacy there are certain societal standards that need to be met. Chiefly amongst those is the freedom to pursue dedication to craft without financial encumberment. The way it is now, we only allow our young people freedom as long they are whiling their time away on generalities at our campuses. Then we try to slot them in to stagnant positions for the rest of their lives, that allow little room for personal exploration. They don't know what's going on. They don't know why they're unhappy and bored.

So where am I going with this? How can we get back to a place where every individual is pursuing the highest art of living. Not the way that hipsters do mind you, though they are trying, God bless their trend following hearts. Well the system (system means everything) quite frankly just needs to be torn down. I know it sounds messy, and reform is probably possible, but I'm not in a position to enact any reforms from my bed and that's where I'm saying the first step begins.

How do you begin tearing down the system. I'll give you a few pointers of how to jump start the revolution from your bedroom and you can catch the vibe and continue in that vein. First delete all the music you own except any songs created by your personal friends. Do the same things with all of your literature, and any other entertainment media. All media is the same, you've simply forgotten this because mainstream media has done a good job of spending a lot of money to shine up simple but resonating themes, like sex, god, drugs, relationships, pain, blah, blah, blah. Media made by those close to you is far more beneficial, and you'll actually feel like a real person after listening to it.

There are a few other things you can do. Stop caring about fashion, you'd be surprised it will move itself along fancifully. Go find a homeless person to give money to. I'm not sure how that fit's in, but it will undoubtedly have an awesome effect. Also subscribe to a news source that isn't just a feeding tube for sensational hype / premasticated pop culture. Also if you are in school, do some research on your subject so you can ask your teacher a question that's current and not from the textbook. If you work innovate at your job in a way that's unexpected.

Websites to avoid for brain health: tumblr, reddit, twitter. They serve a singular purpose, to destroy creativity. They could be something better, but they're not. What about this site, you ask? We share some pop culture elements, and are not entirely original. Well this post is on this site, so you can guarantee our heart is ion the right side of our chest. That's it. Renaissance for beginners. Now you've all been fed, encouraged, and mentally nourished, go get them.

Sight, The Future of the Internet Told Through Short Film, Creepy and Engaging

The future of web/smartphone apps is predicted with believability in the short film by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo. After watching the video you have to ask yourself to what degree are our technologies already running our lives. Google glasses are a predecessor to technologies like the ones we see from fictional company 'Sight Systems', and they aren't to far off. Apart from stirring up questions about technology the video will make you afraid of programmers, corporations, and just about everyone else, it contains all the vitamins needed for your daily dose of paranoia.


The Top 10 Best President Obama Photographs; and White House Photographer Pete Souza

President Obama and Former President Bill Clinton. Photo by Pete Souza

President Obama and U.S. Olympian McKayla Maroney doing her signature facial expression. Photo by Pete Souza.

President Obama joining around with Joe Biden. Photo by Pete Souza

President Obama sings "Sweet Home Chicago" with B.B. King and other musicians. Photo by Pete Souza

President Obama and Ambassador Ryan Cocker en rout to Afghanistan. Photo by Pete Souza.

President Obama play pool at Camp David. Photo by Pete Souza

President Obama at his final 2012 campaign rally in Iowa. Photo by Carolyn Kaster

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama Look out over the Chicago skyline. Photo by Pete Souza.

President Obama answering questions on the website Twitter. Photo Credit N/A

President Obama and Hilary Clinton in Mexico. Photo by Pete Souza.

President Obama is an iconic U.S. President for obvious reasons, but what about the man behind the camera. All but two of the photographs on this list were taken by White House Photographer Pete Souza. Souza was the official White House photographer for Ronald Reagan's second term and before that was a newspaper photographer. Over his career he has taken a large catalog of stunning photography, it's not something you plan, it's something you're either ready for when the opportunities arise or not.

California Radio Station KCRW Discusses The Relevance of Sundance Film Festival in 2013

Sundance Film Festival is kicking off again for 2013. It's been changing every year as the market of film and television has been dying and being reborn. Festivals like Sundance push filmmakers to produce and showcase great content every year, and it's a hectic bundle of nerves for all involved. 

At this point many wonder what it even means to be considered elite in the genre of indie film. That is precisely the question the festival attempts to answer. Even the filmmakers and the audience are making their predictions as they submit films and/or decide to watch, and in the case of producers and studios, what they can sell and therefore want to buy.

Click Here to Listen to the tale of filmmakers going to Sundance from KCRW.


Deconstruction of Soul by Ava Luna, This is "Ice Level" , w/a Short Art Discussion

Indie is the art form of music. Brooklyn band Ava Luna's careful desconstruction and reverse engineering allowed them put's music on display as an introspective entity of it's own. If you are ever lucky enough to find yourself on a dirty green carpet in a hipster's apartment, sifting through vinyls, sipping irish espressos from a chipped tea cup; take a deep breath in the midst of the incense and enjoy that feeling. Hike up your flannel sleeves, because you are doing the real work of an indie aficionado; that is the feeling Ava Luna.

Dive in.


Kickback: Crowd Funding For Concerts, Announce Your Venue and Get the Homies to Pitch in, Sounds Like a Pretty Chill Kickback

Kickback Tickets is the new upstart looking to change the way we all get tickets, with a futuristic mashup of ticket sales and crowd funding.

On the streets, that's right we're going there, a kickback is one of two things, an adjective to describe something that is "cool" or "chill", and/or it can also be a small party with a few friends. On the internet Kickback is a crowd funding tool that allows bands and other event planners to guarantee themselves and audience and a minimum number of sold tickets before the date of the show.

Crowd funding isn't new. Sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have perfected varieties of the system already, and to be honest even before they came around humans were more than capable of understanding the concept of having a group pitch in on a single project. These sites just increased these ease of launching these types of projects, by providing an online location, that can be seen by a large audience. That begs the doubters question; will crowd funding work on such a small scale?

Concerts and events are local, so is crowd funding really more effective than traditional methods of ticket sales. Is the idea that if they don't get fully funded they'll cancel the show, what if people are just waiting till 'day of' to buy tickets in person. Now that the good vibes are ruined, let's put all that behind us and hope that is a success or at the very least a step in the right direction for innovative online funding systems.


Matt Simmonds Creates A Gorgeously Literal Fashion Concept Video For Designers Markus Lupfer and Glen Milner's Upcoming 2013 Collection

The fashion market is bogged down with what is easily labeled nonsense, but it has also been a great haven for cinematography and photography. Creative director Matt Simmonds does a great job capturing the simplicity of falling for the 'Fall for Love' collection by Lupfer. The short below is his most recent project.


Sharena Turns Her Love of the Stuff in Her Closet Into a Bankable Passion, Vanity-less Fashion

So what does it take to start a successful fashion blog while still too young to drink and attending college. That's a question you can ask Sharena yourself. Her hands on relationship with her admirers and fans is part of what makes her a hit. While you're at it you ight also want to ask how she managed to parlay her blog into a successful online boutique (Enamour Entirety). That's if you're not too jealous of her style.



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