Daniel Racz Takes Us on a Journey of New York and Girls With Curls

I've been meaning to cover Daniel Racz for a while. He's a buddy of mine from when I lived in California. Neither of us still do. He's living in New York; where he runs a blog called Girls With Curls. He profiles locations he visits along with a curly haired companion of the day. 

Daniel is a photographer, philosopher and traveler, and makes ample use of the social media share his world with "the" world. His little snippets of intense wisdom, come together with an understanding of the beauty of women, and landscapes (city/natural), to present a complete package.

Racz shares primarily through instagram and tumblr. I'm sure that as he develops more, this project is going to become more and more engaging.

Passion Fruit Ads is the Indie Alternative to Google Ads, With Feel instead of Volume

Passion Fruit ads is better than Google ads for indie business. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing Google. Google Ads is great. If you have a few thousand dollars to spend on advertising, and you know your SEO keywords it's the best thing in the world for your online business. But if you're trying to grow from the ground up, you'll find passion fruit offers a little more.

PassionFruitads.com is a service that allows blogs to sell ad space on their site. Bloggers get to choose the location, size, duration, price, and just about everything else about the ad space. They're not the only one of their kind and they're not even first, but they exemplify what's great about this kind of ad service.

One of the coolest things about this site is that it allows for lots of variety in the way ad sellers use the products. Some even use the site to initiate free adswaps. Many sellers bundle ad space together with social media shout outs and add an extra element that really packs value into a site where most ads are selling to for $5-25 for 30 days.

Sellers like Missindieblog.com are using this site to take their blogs to the level of successful businesses.  Passion Fruit ads is resource for bloggers and indie businesses alike. One that offers a way for small blogs to grow themselves reliably.


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