Who's the Bigger Star Here Kevin Hart or Michael Dapaah

First, let me preface this my saying "It doesn't matter". But for the sake of having a conversation about media today, is a youtube comedian/sketch video maker bigger than one of the most impactful comedian/entrepreneurs of the past 5 years. Id youtube bigger than Hollywood? If you polled people younger than 30, they'd likely say a unanimous yes!


Shane Dawson Pioneers the Digital Profile Show with Jake Paul Series

Youtuber Shane Dawson has added a few more nails in the coffin for TV. His documentation of the Jake Paul craziness is proof that the media circus can and will easily bleed online. What remains to be seen is if there's a difference between digital and tradition television when it comes to being mindful about audiences.


Scott Belsky on #AskGaryVee is 'Premier' Entrepreneurship Advice

The Scott Belsky Episode of #AskGaryVee features Behance founder Scott Belsky. It is full of "tactic" and "macro" as Gary would say. The information is the bread and butter of entrepreneurial common sense.


Hashtag Goals interviews Aminah Dece

Hashtag Goal podcast hosts interviewed poet, educator, and artists Aminah Dece. They talk about balancing life and a desire to do the right thing for the next generation. This is the first official episode of the podcast.


Who is Alina Estella Trailer Tops 2000+ Views

Congrats to Project Forward on the production and publishing of "Who is Alina Estella" trailer. It's a short filmed for dental office Shebah Dental.


All Posts Before This One Were Originally a Part of Independent-Blog.com and BokuNoBara.com

Hey Guys it's Kinyo here, First I want to say thank you to everyone who has contributed to this blog, I'm now combining this blog under the idea. parties. name. The twitter has already been renamed and a facebook and Instagram have also been added. Project Forward is a streaming platform with awesome an awesome member rewards program.


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