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Lu Xinjian Uses Google Earth to Paint this Abstracted Bird's Eye View of Los Angeles, Art
'Seven Lions' Takes a Unique Look at Florence and the Machine's Music, Track Cosmic Love, Remixing it for Fans.
Fixed Gear Bikes Are Selling Like MacBooks, Is it the People Or is it the Bikes?
British Rapper Plan B's Explosive Video is exciting Hip Hopers to Socialists With the Loudly Livid Lyrics From His New Single.
Amoeba Music is the Last Great Mecca For Los Angeles Music Lovers
Nas Drops a New Song on His SoundCloud That Fuses House with Hip Hop. It's Killer.
Contemporary Artist Tan Mavitan Adds a Triangle Notebook to His Already Stunning Portfolio, Maybe Design Can Cure Writers Block.
Where Does Tumblr Fit in the Discussion of the Modern Everything. The Halfway Point Between Blogging and Social Media.
Efim Graboy, Daria Turetski and Artyom Skripnik Produce MiniLook, the Sparkling Capture of a Day in Kieve, Filmed in Miniature. The New Trio Calls Themselves Three Shot.
Rolling Cowboys Bicycle Shop, Local Bike Shop Dedicated to Making LA a Bikers City
Shanren is a Double Edged Sword, Bringing Indie Rock Stylings to Chinese Fans and Traditional Chinese Folk to American Fans
"Body Paint" a New Media Art Installation at the Fortune Cookie Summer Party 2009 by Memo Akten
Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, and, Giving New Definition to Main"Stream" Media
Forms, A Study of Human Motion, Space and Time. Conceptual Artists Memo Akten and Quayola Update the Studies of Cubism and Abstraction for a New Medium
Artist Sophie Bray's Oceanic Swell Displays Her Amazing Pencil Illustration
Burial + Four Tet - Nova, New Music from the Awesome British Indie Musician Kieran Hebden During 2012 Europe Tour
Future Magazines Might Still Have a Print Audience, but Online Magazines Have One Too.
40 year old Cirrus Gallery Exhibits Artists and Prints Books to Serve as Catalyst to New Media and Haven to LA Artists
High Aesthetic Gone Nerdy, Will Pigg's Ninja Turtles Proves Every Market Has Room For Excellence